Hasbro Games and Lunchables teamed up to include mini versions of Hasbro games in specially marked Lunchables boxes. Monoperation was my concept that integrated an analog technology with the cardboard game board and a digital technology with the mobile app. The game board had special perforations and conductive ink that allowed it to connect via lightning port and/or headphone jack.

Program logo design and game board design
This animation shows the digital intergration with a mobile device. Conductive ink, printed on the underside of the game board and on the tips of the tweezers, work to make a simple circuit that shorts out specific pins communicating to the app and buzzing the patient's nose bright red on screen.
Actual in-market packaging and games. Monopoly "Token Toss Up", Mini Twister, Sorry "Knock Out", Yahtzee Hunt, and Connect 4 "Hide 'n Seek" 
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