This was a beauty portrait shoot using local hair stylist.
L. Dod "Gravity" shoot
In addition to shooting and lighting, I also did set construction and costuming / wardrobe. I had the model lay on a 1/2" thick pane of glass and I built a soft white fabric environment around her. To gain more vertical room to shoot, I positioned a mirror at 45 degrees from the model and I shot into the mirror to appear like I was looking down on her. Makeup + Hair: Kerre Berry | Model: L. Dod
This was a beauty portrait where I substituted the model's teeth for 3D produced chrome teeth.
L. Dod beauty portrait shoot
Beauty photo shoot with extensive hair and makeup.
This is a concept fine-art photograph comprised of 4 images to make up a digital composition. The large model shot and foreground shot were captured with a Canon 20D. The sand was also captured with the 20D. The background interior room walls were modeled and rendered in Maya along with the cast shadow.
The Martin
This was a highly digital illustrative beauty portrait. The chrome band was computer generated (Cinema 4D), and the red goo was a practical effect.
Digital illustrative photograph comprised of two large-format photos.
Concept digital photograph, comprised of three main photos. The background padded room I built with cotton muslin, batting and plywood. A sheet of tracing paper was used to make the light in the room. The photo of the large subject was shot on a 4x5 press camera, Kodak 100 negative film. The smaller subject was shot on a 4mb Sony Digital camera.
This was a conceptual photo shoot involving set design, 3D elements, wardrobe sourcing and altering.
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