Nike Augmented Reality Campaign
Nike challenged us to create a globally low-impact campaign about workforce training for their employees. We responded with a strong digital transition. We shifted the campaign's printed and physically designed output, to a mobile app with highly engaging AR content to communicate training information. Some printed support pieces remained, which we designed consistent to the rest of the campaign.
AR App Design | Campaign Design
Kodak Alaris Digital Campaign
Kodak's line of scanners needed a futuristic campaign to match their cutting-edge machines. My creative team made a campaign that could work on all 360 media, based in a brand-centered illustration style using a motley crew of personified scanners. We produced a hoverboarder to appeal to practical buyers, a rocketeer to speak to executives and an astronaut for technical buyers. I illustrated, animated and did all final media production for this campaign.
Campaign Design | Web | Social
Amazon Brand Design
How does Amazon develop branding for a new category? Just like any of their offerings; with a systematic product-proven process (say that 10 times fast!). Amazon's next big thing was entering the online education space and I was tasked with shepherding the books marketing team through the processes of creating a brand.
Brand Design
AutoCad Digital Campaign
This campaign was the result of our long-time client asking our agency to think about how AutoCad, AutoDesk's original 2D / 3D CAD software, can reach the new younger workforce. 4 concepts that that turned into 1 would support a full calendar of media from homepage content to direct marketing creative.
Pitch + Campaign Design | Web Design
Twitter JukBx UI Design
My agency client developed a first of its kind digital jukebox app and TV interface that needed a modern and simple UI. This app allows bar patrons to play a song by "cashing in" a Tweet or Instagram post accompanied by a unique code. We worked with UX to develop fresh, modern interface that was lightyears ahead of its nearest competition.
UI / UX Design
Xbox + PayPal Digital Campaign
Gaming is PayPal's second most popular payment category that customers use so PayPal and Xbox teamed up to run a multinational sweepstakes campaign in North America. We created a program identity (key visual) that cascaded down through all digital media, which we also produced.
Web Design | Email Design
Capital Group UX Calculator
The Capital Group tasked my agency to think about an end-user retirement calculator. Cap Group advisors would use it to consult their clients, but would live before the login stage and be accessible to anyone.
Intel Training Campaign
Intel's established primary education platform was owed a strong brand all its own. The program key visual was the core expression for all the UI and site layout on Mood boards supported the visual tone and graphics were taken directly from the visuals to build online education offerings.
Brand Design | Web Design
New Balance Kustom Kiosk
This digital + physical experience was meant to bring the fun and excitement of the New Balance 574 online customization to the in-store experience of their flagship Foot Locker location in Times Square. This design was intended to catch the attention of shoppers from a distance of +30' as a beacon. The interactive section of the kiosk housed two 46" touch screen displays as well as two hands-on areas stocked with fabrics and leathers of the shoe.
UI Design | Physical + Retail Design
PayPal Digital Campaign
PayPal partnered with multiple home improvement companies to drive PayPal online buying by reaching customers at the right moment in time during their home renovation and redecoration seasons. We did this with multi-media campaign reaching customers when they were ready to revamp.
Web | Email | Banner | Social
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